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Specialty Services

What aspects of your company's financial health shall we focus on?


When we talk about your business, and begin to understand your needs, we’ll customize the services you want so your finances will be organized. Predictable. Manageable. Profitable. So you can focus on what you do best — your business. 

We can provide basic bookkeeping and reporting…or full-service financial management in a controller role. 


Our services are not standard, we go beyond… we provide specialties to small business that help them grow.

We work with a wide range of small business, real estate and property management, and non-profit organizations. We're in Atlanta, and work remotely across the country.

Check out the menu of items below, to find what you’re looking for… or get in touch and let’s talk.


Gain the organization and clarity of

Customized Bookkeeping 


Compliance Bookkeeping  

Full-Charge Bookkeeping 

You want to be organized and in compliance, and we help you get to that point and keep heading in the right direction. You’ll never have to second-guess your current balances, and you’ll always be ready for tax compliance. And your cloud accounting system is always safe and accessible with the proper password and access permissions.

When your books are properly managed, your business is properly managed. We’re flexible — our engagement with you and your business can range from basic services to controller responsibilities 

We bring our expert services to you and manage your…
- Invoicing


- cloud-based accounting
- Bills and expense management
- Payment processing
- Bank and credit card reconciliation
- Balance Sheet reconciliation
- Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet
- facilitate Payroll Services 
- or whatever else you need, that works for your business. 

And it’s ready to go to the CPA. Yours or ours.


Gain the practical financial insights of
Data Analysis & Reporting 


Small businesses can take advantage of data, just like big businesses. We bring our right-sized expertise to your company, providing insights into data, potential problems and potential opportunities, so your business can perform at its best. 


We make it simpler and practical. So you’ll have a greater understanding of your business health and profitability. Resources and capacity can change. Business efficiencies and costs can change. Margins can change. Vendor and partner agreements and responsibilities can change. Cash flow can change. We help you keep up. Show where you can improve… revamp… reinvent… rejuvenate.

Nothing “theoretical” here — we’re working with your financial data in an insightful way that is clear and actionable. So you can maintain your business, and keep it healthy.

Cash Flow

Gain a new level of control with

Cash Flow Management


You can be making a profit but don’t have a positive cash flow. Some businesses, for example, need to pay for goods and services before they can collect from their end-user clients.  


When you have relevant financial data and mastery of your own finances, you can forecast and plan intelligently.

With insightful analysis of past trends and forecasting, we can help you manage money and cash flow — short-term and long-term.


So you don’t get over-extended or stuck. So you can use your money to make more. So you can increase margins. So you have the money you need, when you need it.


So you can be profitable today while planning for tomorrow.


Gain ninja skills with stronger

Software, Processes & Training


Are your books accurate — are bills being put in when received or when paid? Do you have software processes in place that help you make adjustments as needed?  Do you have a system to ensure no bills are left behind? Are each month’s expenses being accrued in that month or are they all over the place? Are you using the best systems/software suited to your company? 


Your financial software and systems may be fine…but software that’s specific to your industry or business is usually better than a “generic solution.”  You don’t want to build your business on a weak foundation, and your bookkeeping records should be built to address your needs and the way you work.


We help you choose systems and implement them in the Cloud. (So your records are backed up and protected. And we train anyone else on your team you designate to input data, and so you and your team can access their assigned financial data.


Get your processes lined up in neat black columns… and you can be a ninja master of your business. And we certainly have your back.

Need something about choosing the right software for your industry that will be more beneficial


Gain Steady Support

You can enlist our reliable support for you and your team as often as you like:

  • Annually

  • Quarterly​

  • Monthly

  • Daily

Want to talk about a customized program to support your business interests? 

Steady Support
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